Council approval drawings are set of drawings prepared to acquire approvals from council for specific development to be carried out on site.

Development Application (DA)

Different councils have different requirements for DA application. Depending on the scale of the project we produce detailed drawings with finishes & also co-ordinate with different consultants such as structural and stormwater engineers to implement their details in the council approval drawings for your council application.

Construction Certificate (CC)

After a development application is approved, a Construction Certificate is needed before building actually begins. A Construction Certificate is an approval that: Construction Certificate is needed before start construction of building. Construction plan must comply with Building Codes of Australia (BCA). Construction certificate can be issued by council or private certifier. We prepare drawings for DA & CC application so you can apply for both together saving client's time and money.

Complying Development (CDC)

State Government has predetermined standards for complying development. If the property falls under complying development then DA & CC can be done by private certifier. This process is usually quicker then council process.